PTSL 2020

EasyJet Data Breach

on 19 May 2020 | by Doug

On Tuesday EasyJet revealed that the personal information of 9 Million customers was accessed in a “highly sophisticated” cyber-attack.
Email addresses and travel details were accessed and EasyJet would contact the customers affected.
Worryingly it is estimated more than customers also had their credit card details exposed, according to the budget airline. If you think you have been affected by this data breach click the link below.

The numbers from the EasyJet data breach makes this one of the largest to affect any company in the UK. It raises the possibility of EasyJet paying a large fine to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Other companies such as British Airways (.5 Million affected) and hotel chain Marriot International (339 million affected) were both fined in the same month last July.

The ICO recommended EasyJet contact everyone affected because of an increased risk of phishing fraud, the airline said. If you think you have been affected or have an email from the budget airline click the link below and we will take care of the rest.

8/14/2020 5:04:53 AM